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Tim Hortons Drive-thru Coming To Old Bay City Gas Station Site

Change is brewing in Monitor Township, Michigan, as a new Tim Hortons drive-thru is set to replace the vacant lot at 1912 South Euclid Avenue. This exciting development, backed by a $300,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), marks a significant step in the community’s journey towards revitalization. EGLE’s Brownfield Redevelopment Grants program, dedicated to breathing life back into contaminated properties, is fueling this transformation.

Tim Hortons Drive-thru Coming To Old Bay City Gas Station Site

In a transformative development, the former gas station site at 1912 South Euclid Avenue in Monitor Township, Michigan, is set to welcome a brand new Tim Hortons drive-thru. The catalyst for this exciting project is a $300,000 grant announced by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). This financial support stems from EGLE’s Brownfield Redevelopment Grants program, dedicated to revitalizing contaminated properties.

Anticipated to encompass approximately 2,000 square feet, the upcoming Tim Hortons establishment will feature a convenient drive-thru, poised to serve the local community’s needs. Moreover, this endeavor is expected to bring about the creation of approximately 20 job opportunities, bolstering the area’s employment landscape. With construction scheduled to commence in the autumn of 2023, the restaurant is slated to open its doors to the public in the spring of 2024.

This momentous project marks the first-ever Tim Hortons presence in Monitor Township, a noteworthy addition to a community already enjoying two Tim Hortons locations in neighboring Bay City.

The previous gas station site, which had languished vacant for an extended period, was once under the ownership of the Marathon Petroleum Corporation. The property’s history of petroleum product contamination necessitated EGLE’s active involvement in its transformation.

EGLE’s Brownfield Redevelopment Grants program stands as a formidable instrument for the reclamation and revitalization of polluted properties, presenting a stellar model for restoring such sites to productive use. In this endeavor, Monitor Township experiences a win-win scenario, poised to gain not only new employment opportunities but also the much-needed amenities a Tim Hortons restaurant will provide to the community. As this project advances, optimism and anticipation continue to grow, heralding a future of progress and renewal for the township.

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Here is additional information regarding the forthcoming Tim Hortons drive-thru in Monitor Township:

  • Situated at 1912 South Euclid Avenue, the chosen property holds a strategic location at a prominent intersection within Monitor Township, in close proximity to various businesses and residential areas.
  • Spanning around 2,000 square feet, the new Tim Hortons will feature a drive-thru and offer a menu consistent with other Tim Hortons restaurants, boasting a selection that includes coffee, delectable doughnuts, pastries, and an array of breakfast and lunch items.
  • Anticipated to generate approximately 20 employment opportunities, this project will encompass a mix of full-time and part-time positions, contributing to the local job market.
  • Construction is slated to commence in the fall of 2023, with the restaurant expected to welcome its first patrons in the spring of 2024.

Monitor Township eagerly awaits the arrival of this Tim Hortons establishment, recognizing it as a valuable addition that will provide a convenient haven for coffee enthusiasts and those seeking breakfast or lunch options. Beyond the culinary convenience, the project’s job creation potential promises to invigorate the area’s economic landscape, fostering revitalization.

Now, let’s delve into more details about the Brownfield Redevelopment Grants program:

  • This program plays a pivotal role in financing the restoration and redevelopment of properties tainted by contamination.
  • Administered by EGLE, the acronym for the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, this initiative has successfully revitalized over 2,000 contaminated properties across Michigan.
  • One of its remarkable achievements is the creation of over 10,000 jobs, signifying its substantial impact on local employment.

The Brownfield Redevelopment Grants program stands as an invaluable resource, wielding its capacity to restore contaminated properties and return them to productive use. The Tim Hortons drive-thru project in Monitor Township serves as an exemplary case, illustrating how this program can effectively generate employment opportunities and breathe new life into communities.

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