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Tims Hortons Open In Former Blenz At Commercial-Broadway

Tims Hortons Open In Former Blenz At Commercial-Broadway

In the last few years, Tim Hortons has been opening more stores in Vancouver. Tim Hortons is a big Canadian fast food restaurant chain that started in 1964. They have lots of stores in Canada and the United States. Blenz Coffee is a Canadian coffee shop chain that began in Vancouver in 1992. They have many stores in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

The Blenz coffee shop at Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station closed down, and this happened to a few other Blenz shops in Vancouver recently. The reason they gave for closing was that they were having money problems.

Tims Hortons Open In Former Blenz At Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain

Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station in Vancouver. The Blenz shop closed down for good in May 2023.

There are signs on the windows saying that the new Tim Hortons is “coming soon,” but they haven’t told us the exact day it will open.

This isn’t the first time Tim Hortons has moved into an old Blenz spot. Back in 2021, they did the same thing in the West End of Vancouver.

When the Tim Hortons opens at Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station, different people might feel different ways about it. Some might be happy to have a new coffee shop choice, but others might be sad to see a local business replaced by a big chain.

Tims Hortons Open In Former Blenz At Commercial-Broadway

Why Blenz Coffee Closed?

Blenz Coffee hasn’t said why they closed the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station shop. But there are a few ideas about why it might have happened:

Money problems. Blenz Coffee has had trouble with money lately. In 2021, they lost $1.9 million. This could be because of more competition from other coffee places, higher costs, and COVID-19.

High rent. The rent for the spot at Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station might have been too much for Blenz Coffee. It’s a really good location, so rent there can be really high.

Not doing well. The shop might not have made enough money. Maybe not many people came by, or there were other coffee shops around that people liked more.

It could be a mix of these things that made Blenz Coffee close at Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station.

No matter the reason, this closing is bad for Blenz Coffee. They’ve had a hard time lately, and this closing shows that. We’ll have to wait and see if they can fix things and not have to close more shops.

The public reaction to the news that Tim Hortons is opening in the former Blenz location at Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station has been mixed. Some people are excited to have a new coffee shop option in the area, while others are disappointed to see a locally-owned business replaced by a chain.

Tims Hortons Open In Former Blenz At Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain

Here are some of the reactions that have been expressed online:

  • “I’m so glad that a Tim Hortons is opening up at Commercial-Broadway. I love their coffee and donuts!”
  • “Blenz was a great local coffee shop. I’m not sure why they had to close.”
  • “I’m not surprised that Blenz closed. They were always so busy, and the prices were too high.”
  • “I am excited for Tim Hortons.”
  • “I’m open to trying Tim Hortons. I’ve heard good things about their food.”

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Ultimately, the success of the new Tim Hortons location will depend on the needs and preferences of the local community. If people are looking for a quick and affordable cup of coffee, Tim Hortons is a good option. However, if people are looking for a more unique and personalized coffee experience, they may prefer to support a local business.

It is also worth noting that the opening of a Tim Hortons at Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station is part of a larger trend of chain businesses expanding into Vancouver. This trend has been met with mixed reactions from the public, with some people welcoming the convenience and familiarity of chain businesses, while others lament the loss of local businesses.

Only time will tell how the new Tim Hortons location will be received by the community. However, it is clear that the opening of this location is a significant development in the ever-changing landscape of Vancouver’s coffee scene.

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